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St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers Prediction & Preview


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The Milwaukee Brewers are in a very winnable NL Central and have a 3-4 to begin the 2021 season. This team has a good squad with their pitching and outfield leading the way. Lefty Brett Anderson is coming off a troubling first start where he pitched five innings where he allowed four runs on four hits with a walk and four strikeouts.

The St Louis Cardinals are 5-2 this season as they opened up their year in Cincinnati against the Reds but are on a winning streak. They made one major addition as they added third baseman Nolan Arenado to the team. They will be sending Daniel Ponce de Leon to the mound for this game and is coming off a good start as he pitched five innings and allowed a run on three hits with a walk and three strikeouts.


Yelich Needs to Step Up

The Milwaukee Brewers will go as far as their right fielder Christian Yelich will take them. Last season, he finished with a .205/.356/.786 slash line and so far this season he is 9-of-28 with an RBI and two steals. If he can get back to the MVP candidate that he is capable of being, it will do wonders for the Brew Crew. He is so far on track for hitting back to where he has been for his career, it will make this Milwaukee Brewers lineup even scarier than it has been in recent memory.


Brett Anderson had a terrible beginning to his 2021 season according to Baseball Savant. He is in the 32nd percentile in strikeout percentage, fifth percentile in whiff percentage, 34th percentile in hard-hit percentage, and sixth percentile in chase rate. He allowed four barrels out of 15 batted balls in his first start as well. Anderson has a five-pitch arsenal (sinker, changeup, cutter, curveball, slider) and his fastball needs to improve if he wants a better 2021. He threw it most often and hitters went 3-for-10 with two homers against it in his first outing. Anderson pitched twice against the Cardinals last season and allowed four runs on seven hits with three walks and four strikeouts in eight innings. Expect a good showing here out of him.


Welcome to St Louis Mr. Arenado!

The St Louis Cardinals made one of the biggest splashes in the offseason as they traded with the Colorado Rockies to acquire third baseman Nolan Arenado. Arenado finished the 2020 campaign with a .253/.303/.738 slash line with eight homers and 26 RBI. So far this season, he is 11-for-33 with two homers and five RBI. With Paul Goldschmidt and Paul DeJong expected to be around him in the lineup, he will definitely have some protection. It will be interesting to see how he will fare in the NL Central and more importantly, without Coors Field being his home ballpark. We’ve seen guys have huge drop offs in their production but others continue to produce.


Daniel Ponce de Leon had a decent beginning to his 2021 season according to Baseball Savant. He was in the 16th percentile in strikeout percentage, 21st percentile in whiff percentage, 79th percentile in hard-hit percentage, and 55th percentile in chase rate. He is incredible at avoiding barrels as batters have 20 barrels off him since 2018. Ponce de Leon has a three-pitch arsenal (fastball, changeup, cutter) and his fastball needs to improve if he wants a better 2021. He threw it most often and it had a .205 batting average and .538 slugging against with eight home runs in 2020. Ponce de Leon pitched once against the Brewers last season and allowed one run on one hit with two walks and six strikeouts in six innings. Expect some improvement here as he needs to prove he still has hit here.

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