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Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills Prediction & Preview



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Two red hot AFC rivals with two young gunslingers at the top of their power's clash in Arrowhead Kansas City on Sunday night with the divisional round on the line as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Buffalo Bills. The weather for this game will be mild, projected at 36゚at kickoff at 6:30 PM EST.

Buffalo won the first meeting on Oct. 10 from Kansas City 38-20 as a 2.5-point underdog.


The Bills are peaking at the right time and look to dethrone the Chiefs and march on to the Super Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills, led by once-maligned quarterback turned star Josh Allen find themselves in a familiar place Sunday night as they will be in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. The Bills saw their hopes of a Super Bowl dashed last year in Kansas City but beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead earlier this year, so they will have a certain confidence coming into this game. After dropping the opener to the Steelers, the Bills went 12 and 5 the rest of the way but did have some notable losses, including a strange 9 – 6 loss against the Jaguars and other losses to the Titans, Patriots, Colts, and the Buccaneers. If you wanted to look for it, the weakness in the Bills game could be found in the near-total reliance most of the season on the talents of Josh Allen and one particular receiver, Stefon Diggs. But that has been an evolving situation, and last week and really in the previous few weeks, that was not the case. In the playoff game against the Patriots, the Bills dominated the game from beginning to end. In the 1st half, Josh Allen was nearly perfect and throwing lasers all over the field, but that was not really a surprise given how he played all year.


The shock was the suddenly potent Bill's running game that produced two 1st half touchdowns from Devin Singletary and saw Allen run several times for long gains. In addition to that, Allen spread the ball around, hitting nine different receivers with completions and four other players for touchdowns, including two from emerging star tight-end Dawson Knox and none to that guy Diggs. The Bills offense had nearly 200 yards rushing and over 300 passing. The team scored on every drive except when they chose not to by kneeling on the ball to end it. But the domination of the Patriots didn't end there.



The Bill's defense held the Patriots to zero points in the 1st half while also having a sack and turning them over once on an interception. After the Bills defense created another interception on the Patriot's 1st drive of the 2nd half, the Bills went down and scored on a pass caught by Emanuel Sanders that made the score 33 to 3. The game was over early in the 3rd quarter for all intents and purposes. The Bills would score twice more in the 2nd half bringing their total to 47, and the Patriots would add two matching touchdowns to get the final score to 47 to 17, but it never even felt that close.


The Chiefs desperately want to get back to the Super Bowl and erase the loss last year, but the Bills have another plane.

Kansas City uncharacteristically stumbled out of the gate, losing two out of three to start the season. There was even talk that the NFL had finally "figured out" how to stop the potent Chiefs offense. Teams were playing the Chiefs with two deep safeties and keeping them from getting the long plays and touchdowns they thrived on in the past. Over the next four weeks, the Chiefs would win against the Eagles and Football Team but drop games against the Titans and the Bills.


Near the mid-point of the season, they were a team with four losses and only three wins. But they would win the next eight contests, and seemingly the Chiefs were back. But they lost to the Bengals in overtime and would have to hang on to beat the Broncos in the final regular-season game of the year. The Chiefs eventually cruised comfortably past the Steelers in the first playoff game last week, beating them 42-28, but the Chiefs also struggled in that game. With 6 minutes left in the 1st half, it was 7-0 Steelers. Then 15 seconds later, the Chiefs tied it up 7 to 7. Atrocious play by the Steelers defense allowed Kansas City to score 14 points before the end of the 1st half. The Chiefs went right down the field after getting the ball on the kickoff in the 2nd half and scored, and then Pittsburgh turned the ball over early in the next drive leading to another cheap touchdown for the Chiefs. The Chiefs' defense would seem to let up a little bit, and the Chief's offense even appeared to step off the gas, but they scored again, and Pittsburgh scored two more times to end the game at 42-28.

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